Departure from KMMG

Since the spring of 2016, Jesus' Outsider Ministries has been a partner ministry of the Kodesh Mishkan Ministry Group (KMMG) and Pastor Mike served as a Presbyter at Large on the board. These years have been fruitful and we have made some great relationships that continue to bear fruit to this day. We have been afforded opportunities to minister that we would not have otherwise had. We are grateful for these times and the people we have impacted and those who have impacted us.


To all things there are seasons. We are working at some major changes for Jesus' Outsider including a new name and a shift in direction. KMMG is also undergoing changes and moving to be chaplain support ministry. As our directions are moving apart (none of our team are chaplains by calling or vocation), with the consensus of all five members of our leadership team, we are separating official ties to KMMG. This is not born of any animosity or ill will between us rather it is the result of weeks of prayer and discussion.


The decision to depart was made September of 2019 but we chose to delay for a time to see the direction the ministry would go with the departure of the Asylum. Once we considered the changes, this cemented KMMG as a group for chaplains. After further prayer, it seemed good to us and to the Lord to make this official at this time.


We will be in prayer for KMMG and the Asylum as the Lord moves them to new and greater focused ministry. Our hope and prayer is that while we have ended official relationships, we will continue in the friendships we have made.


Over the next few months, we will be working as a team on the next phase of our ministry including incorporating as a non-profit and applying for a 501c3 tax exemption. Some of our identity will be a part of who we are while some of the fat is being trimmed.


While we establish ourselves as an independent entity, we will not participate in KMMG or Asylum events for a season. Again, this isn't from a spirit of animosity but rather from a need to build our own unique identity and avoid any confusion within the subculture communities.


-Pastor Mike Kerby on behalf of the JOM Leadership Team.

December 8th, 2019

Located in Nashville, Tennessee