Mental Illness and The Church

They Suffer in Silence


Each week, they sit in our pews and chairs. Most of the time, you wouldn’t know to look at them they they harbor a secret shame. Depression, PTSD, and a list of other mental illnesses are commonplace today but they usually don’t have any outward signs. The church of Jesus Christ can be the safest place in the world or a place of shame.


We know the stigma mental illness places on those who live with it. One of our founders, Kim Kerby, has lived with mental illness rooted in a lifetime of abuse. She has seen the best and the worst the church has to offer. Some have genuinely embraced her, some have tried to cast the illness out of her like a demon, while most just steer clear.


Kim isn’t alone. We deal with people in almost every stage of healing (or lack thereof) on a regular basis. During our years in the inner city, we saw everything from depression to drug induced paranoid schizophrenia. Since then, we have become even more aware of the hidden struggle so many of our veterans face. PTSD and increased suicide rates have become all too common.


We’ve started to do better but there is still a long way to go. We are here to help change how mental illness is perceived and how we, as the Body of Christ, can be the most crucial source of healing for the deeply wounded and the suffering. We can truly bind up the broken hearted just as Jesus announced to begin his public ministry.

Don’t Let Our Heroes Suffer Alone


Far too many of our veterans of all ages and genders are still dealing with the pain of war with wounds that don’t show on the outside. These wounds need to be healed.

To Be Part of The Solution


Change is coming albeit slowly. We’re inviting you to become a bigger part of the solution. We have the experience, training, and resources to set you and your ministry on the path to healing for you and your congregation.


We can discuss:


  • Living with Mental Illness
  • The Spiritual Side of Mental Illness
  • PTSD and Our Military
  • Ministering to Those With Mental Illness
  • Finding Help for The Mentally Ill - How to develop a a resource list in your community


Please feel free to contact us with questions or to bring us to your congregation.

An Invaluable Resource


Written by the the late Rev. Tom Monteith and his wife, Tracy, the leaders of Open Grace Ministries, a partner ministry of Jesus’ Outsider, True Blue is a brilliant and insightful look at the world of mental illness and ministry. With real science, testimony, and heart, the stigma of mental illness is ripped away and shown in the light of Christ.


It's ideal for anyone whether in ministry or not to understand the suffering of our brethren.

Located in Nashville, Tennessee