Phase Two

"Phase Two? What happened to Phase One? Did I miss something?" No, you didn't.

Or maybe you did if you're new to who we are and what we do.

Phase One


Phase One started in late 2015. While attending a Josh McDowell Truth Conference in Peoria, the Lord spoke to us about changing our direction. At the time, Jesus' Outsider was a podcast with a decent sized audience and a little speaking. We were working on the very early stages of a church plant when God spoke very clearly. That began the first stages of what has become a series of major changes for us and what the Lord has called us to do.


During that first phase, we put on our first conference on pornography addiction in the church named The Sex, Porn, and Freedom Conference. The feedback on the content and organization were overwhelmingly positive. We had a lot of success with it but it was a huge learning experience. We had done other events as part of other ministries and congregations that we had served in before but there were unique challenges with this type of subject matter that we didn't expect. We learned a lot and put it on the back burner for a short time.


That's not to say we were idle. Quite the contrary, we used this time to make some needed changes in our approach and, more importantly, establish a foundation through the Kodesh Mishkan Ministry Group (KMMG) and its affiliate ministries. We had already been a part of the Subculture Ministry Connection because of our church plant. In addition to taking up leadership responsibilities in the group, they provide a much needed spiritual covering for us as we minister. We are a firm advocate of financial and doctrinal accountability. As an interdominational group representing a broad range of ministries and ministers, they're a good fit for us.


Phase Two


This is where things get a little more interesting. Starting in January, 2018, we are following the call of God to expand further. During the foundation building time of Phase One, we did little beyond media and teaching at KMMG events and the Audiofeed Music Festival. We had been under a heavy conviction that the time was coming to do more. That time is now. Phase Two Begins!


So, what does all that mean? It means that we are actively seeking more opportunities to get outside and share the Word in as many venues, groups, ministries, and congregations as possible. In addition to major events such as the Out of The Shadows Conference held May of 2018, we will be offering smaller seminars that we will organize or offer to churches and ministries. It's time for us to get out of the little box we've been working in and fulfill the call of God!


A huge part of this transition included our recent move. When we started into Phase Two, we had no idea that by the end of 2018 we would no longer be in Central Illinois! Nashville offers us a huge opportunity to grow what the Lord has been doing and take us in new directions. It's time to reach out and further develop what the Lord has in store for us.


Phase Two also means that we are working towards doing Jesus' Outsider and KMMG full time. As that time approaches, we will be seeking individual support as well as freelance opportunities to maintain an income while having the freedom to travel as the Lord requires.


We've been announcing Phase Two in Stages and there are more announcements to come!

Located in Nashville, Tennessee