Real Men Wanted!

Remember when men were men? If you’re under forty, you might not.


For at least fifty years, the idea of manhood has been under assault by a system that falsely believes that there should be no difference between men and women. A lot of their rhetoric even goes so far as to say that the feminine is superior to the masculine!


This cannot stand! Men must be men! The forces that have taken hold in our culture are destroying manhood as God intended it to be. He made us male and female not female and partly female.


The damage done to our concept of men is farther spreading than many would like to believe. It’s harming marriages, destroying families and even communities, and stripping away the dignity of both men and women.


Real Men are needed now more than ever! But what is a Real Man? That’s what this is all about. Real manhood needs to be restored. We must be proud to be men!


As a man raised to be a man, the current state of masculinity in this country provides me with no end of frustration. It hit hard 2009 and I decided to do something about it.

One night while contemplating the topic for a podcast, I came out of my office/studio and discovered my lovely bride watching a Lifetime Movie. These are nauseating on their own but this one was especially bad. Seeing John Larroquette doing crochet was more than I could stand. That night, I recorded the first episode of what would become a series of comedy and teaching, Real Men Don’t Do Crochet.


Since then, several episodes have been done building upon the first. Through a combination of comedy and sound Biblical teaching, I call men back to real manhood. Reminding men who God created them to be has become a huge part of my personal mission and ministry. One thing I can assure of, I will never tell a man to get in touch with his feminine side! (Ok, I will but when I say it I mean kiss your wife.)


Being a Real Man starts and ends with honoring Christ. Everything else flows from that. Being who God designed men to be with integrity is a great start.

The church needs Real Men to stand and be all that God intended, leaders, husbands, and fathers who understand the role a man plays in his family and the world at large. When men are allowed and even encouraged to embrace their God designed roles, everyone benefits. Marriages will be stronger and who knows, daughters might even learn their incredible value again and sons will seek the strength of character to be Real Men themselves.


There’s a full collection of the podcasts on Real Men that will soon be available. You can request individual episodes. I’ll be posting a full list in the next couple of weeks.


If you want to inspire your men, contact me. I’m available for men’s groups, congregations, and conferences. Fees are negotiable and based on the resources of the church or ministry doing the booking. The bottom line, have message will travel.


Pastor Mike Kerby

Located in Nashville, Tennessee