Teaching & Conferences

Full Day/Weekend Conference & Retreat Topics


As Jesus’ Outsider has evolved into a greater vision, organizing conferences in areas we have expertise is a huge part of that plan. Over the years of ministry and broadcasting, several areas of teaching needed in the Body of Christ have risen to the surface. We are available to travel to speak on these subjects for retreats, seminars, and conferences. In addition, we will sponsor our own conferences, starting in Central Illinois and expanding as the Lord provides opportunity and resources. The initial list of topics for these seminars is as follows:


  1. Pornography and Sexual Sin
  2. Mental Illness and the Church
  3. Overcoming Adultery
  4. Divorce Care
  5. Real Men (Mix of Comedy and Teaching)
  6. Soldier of The Cross
  7. Ministering to Subcultures
  8. Freedom in Christ (Evangelism and Breaking Free of Sin)


These are the main headings for the focus we felt called to tackle. Many of them have subtopics for targeted events.


Each of these topics have been recurring themes in the Jesus’ Outsider podcasts that have garnered a larger than average audience. Pastor Mike, Kimberly, Pastor Darren, and other team members from KMMG have experience in these areas for a host of reasons becoming topic experts through education and hard experience. We have further connections to others with unique perspectives and educational background including pastors, therapists, and authors who can be called upon for our events.

Morning/Afternoon Mini-Seminars


Starting in 2018, Jesus' Outsider Ministries will be sponsoring and offering a series of small, mini-seminars with targeted topics. Some will be specifically for leaders and pastors while others will be for more general education. Some of these already planned include:


  1. Active Listening (Primarily lead by Pastoral Care Director)
  2. Protecting your Family/Ministry from Pornography
  3. Divorce Care (for the divorced or for leadership)
  4. The Armor of God
  5. The Hard Teachings of Christ


More are in development and will be added as soon as they are ready. Scheduling announcements will be on this page, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlets. Seating for these will be limited.


We are also seeking opportunities to bring these to your church or ministry. For more information, please contact us.


Your Events & Needs


In addition to hosting our own events, certain members of our team are available to speak at your events on the topics listed or for evangelistic outreaches. Contact us regarding:


  • Seminars/Conferences
  • Retreats
  • Pulpit Supply/Preaching
  • Festivals/Outreaches


Copies of episodes related to the topics are available upon request.


Whatever the topic, the issue is handled with a solid grounding in facts and, most importantly, the Word of God. At the center is the Gospel and the desire to see the freedom found only in Christ preached to everyone, especially the hurting and the bound.


For booking information, contact us using the form on the Connect page.

Guest Preaching


Don't need a seminar? Pstr. Mike is available to preach during regular service times or for special occasions. In addition to the topics listed for seminars, he specializes in some of the more challenging teachings of Scripture. Personal holiness, the role of works in the life of a believer in Christ, the harmony of the Word, and others are a part of his repertoire.


All of these teachings and more can be found in the podcast archives.

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